Course catalogue

Bálint Károly Zabán · Cred 5 · Sem 1 · Őszi

The specific objective of this course is to introduce the student into the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible by means of summarising presentations, section by section and chapter by chapter. Topics to be tackled include the primeval and patriarchal periods, the exodus, the Sinai covenant, the desert wanderings. The course homes in on the interpretative enterprise en ensemble, which subsumes comprehensive knowledge about the authors and historical background of the individual books of the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible and its wider cultural milieu in the ancient Near East.

Dezső Kállay · Cred 5 · Sem 1 · Őszi

At the Introduction to the New Testament I course we present the conditions and the circumstances regarding the formation of the synoptic traditions, we introduce the attendee into the substance of the synoptic problems and their possible solutions.

Dezső Kállay · Cred 4 · Sem 1 · Őszi

The Applied Hermeneutics course looks at the history of hermeneutics, considering especially those achievements that still have a relevance today in the process of textual interpretation and in the preaching practice.

Sándor Béla Visky · Cred 6 · Sem 1 | 3 · Őszi
MS43 · Symbolics

The goal of this course is to familiarise students with the particular dogmas and practices of historical churches, denominations and small fellowships, whose adherents we encounter on a daily basis.