Application for Bachelor Studies - Reformed Profile

Application for the first year of academic study at the Protestant Theological Institute is preconditioned by successfully passing the application examination. For this examination can apply any baptised and confirmed member of the Reformed Church. Applicants should also present a recommendation letter signed by the elders of the congregation to which they belong. Candidates must have completed their high school studies and possess a baccalaureate certificate. They must hold a medical certificate concerning their mental health. Applicants for a study at the Theological Institute take part in a three days pre-examination "camp", where their personal qualities are evaluated.

The recommendation letter of the elders should be sent to the Bishop's Office to which the congregation belongs from which the candidate is coming. The recommentation will be signed by the bishop and sent to the Secretary of the Protestant Theological Institute.

The address of the Bishop's Office is:

(a) Reformed Church District of Transylvania: str. I. C. Brătianu, nr. 51, 400079 Cluj-Napoca,Tel. 0264/592453
(b) Reformed Church District of Királyhágómellék: str. Calvin, nr. 1, 410210 Oradea, Tel. 0259/432837

The address of the Theological Institute is:

Protestant Theological Institute
Rector's Office
Piaţa Avram Iancu nr. 13.
400124 Cluj-Napoca

The following documents are required:

  1. a legalised copy of the birth certificate;
  2. a birth and confirmation certificate from the congregation of the applicant;
  3. original baccalaurate certificate and the legalised copy of the transcipt of the school from which the candidate graduated (foaie matricola);
  4. a handwritten curriculum vitae;
  5. for pictures 3 x 4mm;
  6. receipt of payment of the examination fees;
  7. medical certificate containing the results of the following examinations (blood exam, lung screening, auditory disfunction, nervous or mental illness, as well as other disabilites that would make him unfit for later work in the ministry).
  8. Foreign citizens must add to this:

  9. The recommendation letter of their bishops.
  10. A confirmation letter that one of the Romanian church districts have accepted him/her studying under the protectorate of the Reformed Church in Romania.

The criteria of the application exam

(A) All candidates must attend the three-days pre-examination camp, including the application interview.
(B) Exam subjects:

  1. Oral examination from biblical knowledge (Old and New Testaments).
  2. Oral examination from the Catechism of Heidelberg.
  3. Oral examination from church hymns.
  4. Written examination from Hungarian language and literature.

The final grade is calculated as follows: Hungarian language and literature 40%, Biblical knowledge 30%, Catechism 15%, Church Hymns 15%. All exam results must be 5 or higher. For a successful examination a final grade of 7 or above is necessary.