A bibliolog írásmegértés. Modern „midrás” mint egy lehetséges módszer a katekézisben

Somfalvi Edit: A bibliolog írásmegértés. Modern „midrás” mint egy lehetséges módszer a katekézisben. In: Studia Doctorum Theologiae Protestantis 15.1 (2024), 237-259. pp.

Bibliolog as scriptural interpretation. Modern “midrash” as a possible method in catechesis. This research delves into the bibliolog approach to interpreting the Holy Scriptures, a technique often termed as “modern midrash” and not widely recognised in Hungarian-speaking regions. Originating from America, bibliolog diverges from the European tradition of bibliodrama or Biblical drama, focusing instead on a narrative-driven method. It offers an immersive experience where individuals seeking to grasp the biblical narrative can simultaneously embody the roles of active participants and keen observers, fostering personal introspection in real-time. The paper elucidates how the bibliolog method can serve as a potent instrument in both religious and ecclesiastical pedagogy, enhancing catechetical practices. It underscores the method’s potential to cultivate a conscious connection with God and to nurture a community of devoted followers of Christ across diverse age groups, all while fostering self-awareness and spiritual commitment.